Nate Neuenschwander

Nate Neuenschwander, the 5th and current President/CEO of Tuttle Services. From his humble beginnings to his current leadership role, Nate’s dedication and expertise have been instrumental in driving our company’s success. 

As a proud graduate of Pandora-Gilboa High School and the University of Cincinnati, Nate holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. During his college years, he excelled both in academics and athletics as a member of the track and field team, representing the Bearcats. 

Nate’s journey at Tuttle began in 1998 as a project manager, gradually rising through the ranks. In 2003, he assumed the role of Senior Project Manager for Touchstone CPM, Tuttle Construction’s sister company. As Touchstone took flight that year, Nate’s leadership propelled him to Vice President in 2006. In 2016, he assumed the position of Chief Operating Officer of Tuttle Services, and in 2022, he proudly took the helm as President/CEO.

During Ohio’s era of new school construction, facilitated by government funding, Touchstone CPM has been at the forefront, successfully building over 70 schools since 2003. As a key representative of Touchstone, Nate actively participated in numerous school board meetings for various projects. These experiences proved to be both intriguing and enlightening for Nate, as he witnessed firsthand the distinct dynamics and unique approaches of different school boards. 

Nate’s success extends beyond the professional realm, as he cherishes his role as a husband to Kim and a loving father to their three children, Luke, Lexie, and Zach. Luke and Kim are also alumni of the University of Cincinnati, and their daughter is currently attending. The Bearcat spirit runs strong in their family!