Our current employees say it best: We’re like a family here at Tuttle Construction!

Why have you stayed with Tuttle Construction? 

1. The tenure of our staff speaks for itself. Tuttle doesn’t just lay staff off when things get lean, we look for other ways to get competitive. We are always looking for ways to improve!

2. Our commitment to our customers and field crews with an emphasis on training and quality tools for the field crews.

3. I have the freedom and trust to do my job as I see fit.

4. The support and comradery within the leadership makes me feel appreciated which inspires me to go above and beyond.

5. My job is challenging. I see a future for myself here. Everyone I work with is kind, helpful, and appreciative of my help. I have been able to provide a good life for my family both financially and with my time. Working close to home and being home each night allows me to be able to coach my children and attend their activities.

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Our Mission:

Identify, hire, train and retain the BEST people to meet the plan. 

Our Corporate Values:

Solution Based, Confident, Supportive, Integrity