Founded in 1928 on family values and a strong, honest work ethic, Tuttle Construction is a professional construction company based in Lima, OH. We’re powered by a collection of industry experts, construction professionals, and people passionate about innovation within the construction landscape.

Why Choose Us?

true to our word

We approach every project with the highest level of integrity to reach your goal on time and in budget.

skilled labor

Tuttle Construction, Inc. employs skilled labor from 5 different trade professions including: brick masons, carpenter, iron workers, cement masons and general laborers, allowing us to control a majority of the labor force on our projects.

High Quality Standards

Our Quality system, “Building on Quality (BOQ)” is built on the foundation of rigorous ISO quality standards. We are also an AISC Certified Steel Erector.  These certifications require full documentation of our processes, keeping our clients fully informed regarding the status of their project.

employment longevity

We’re no newbies! With our average staff tenure of 15 years, our experience is unmatched!  We bring valuable years of experience and knowledge to each of our projects.

Build Ohio Awards

Workers Employed

Latest News

CEO Series Pt. 5

CEO Series Pt. 5

Nate Neuenschwander Nate Neuenschwander, the 5th and current President/CEO of Tuttle Services. From his humble beginnings to his current leadership role, Nate's dedication and expertise have been instrumental in driving our company's success.  As a proud graduate...

CEO Spotlight Series Pt. 4

CEO Spotlight Series Pt. 4

Paul Crow Meet Paul Crow, the 4th President/CEO of Tuttle Services. With a strong background in construction management, Paul has made a lasting impact on our company's growth. A graduate of Perry High School, Apollo Career Center, and Bowling Green State University...

Tuttle Construction, Inc. 95th Anniversary Series Pt. 4

Tuttle Construction, Inc. 95th Anniversary Series Pt. 4

A Journey of Excellence: Tuttle Services 2003-Present Welcome back to our Anniversary series, where we delve into Tuttle Construction/Services remarkable journey of excellence and Building on Quality. This period witnessed significant milestones, outstanding projects,...

We are the leader in the industry

What our clients are saying.

Jordan Schroeder

Manufacturing Engineer

“The one thing I liked the most in working with Tuttle was how well timelines are communicated. Tuttle’s superintendents were holding me to my timelines more than I was holding them to it! It was a massive help for the large project.”

Michael Crisler, P.E.


“The Tuttle Team was very helpful and always presented a “how can we achieve our goals” attitude.”


John Goettemoeller


“Our Tuttle on site superintendent is doing an outstanding job of completing quality work, scheduling and communication to others.”

Lonnie Ritter

Facilities Construction

“I personally would seek out Tuttle Construction to work with on any project.”

David Faulkner

Project Manager, St. Rita’s GME Center

“Tuttle never said No…they always offered alternatives or suggestions to accomplish the functionality or aesthetic we needed”