Welcome back to our Anniversary series, where we delve into Tuttle Construction’s remarkable journey of excellence and Building on Quality. In this edition, we highlight significant milestones and influential leaders who have shaped the company’s history from 1978 to 2003.

1982 marked a pivotal moment as Clyde Rauch became a stockholder in Tuttle Construction, solidifying his commitment and dedication to the company’s future. Clyde’s lifelong dream was to own a construction company, and his passion for the industry would guide Tuttle Construction to new heights.

In 1991, following Tom Tuttle’s retirement, Clyde Rauch assumed the role of President and became the sole owner of Tuttle Construction. Under his capable leadership, Tuttle Construction continued to thrive, delivering exceptional projects, and establishing its reputation as a construction industry leader.

On January 1, 2003, Tuttle Services Inc. was formed as a new administrative management company, overseeing two subsidiary companies: Tuttle Construction, Inc., and Touchstone CPM. Clyde Rauch assumed the role of President and CEO, providing strategic direction to all three entities, further expanding the company’s scope of services and capabilities.

During this period, Tuttle Construction embarked on several landmark projects that left an indelible mark on the company’s legacy. One noteworthy collaboration was the partnership with Barton Malow, another prominent construction company, on the Lima City Schools project. Additionally, Tuttle Construction successfully completed notable projects like the Lima YMCA in 1998, the Ford UAW Training Center in 1995, and the OSU/LTC Sciences Building in 1999. These projects received prestigious recognition, with each earning Tuttle Construction esteemed Build Ohio awards.

Tuttle Construction also welcomed key individuals who played instrumental roles in shaping the company’s future. In 1995, Paul Crow joined Tuttle Construction as the Director of Design Build Services. Paul, a graduate of Bowling Green State University with a B.S. in Construction Management, would later ascend to the position of President/CEO of Tuttle Services and Tuttle Construction. In 2000, Paul Crow assumed the role of Vice President of Tuttle Construction, further contributing to the company’s success.

Another vital addition to Tuttle Construction’s team was Nate Neuenschwander, who joined as a Project Manager in 1998. Nate, a graduate of The University of Cincinnati with a B.S. in Civil Engineering, would go on to become President/CEO of Tuttle Services. He later pursued an MBA at Bluffton University, enhancing his expertise in the field. In 2003, Nate started a new position as a Senior Project Manager at Touchstone, further solidifying his contributions to Tuttle Construction’s growth.

In 1996, Tuttle Construction proudly completed the Dublin Public Recreational Center project, leaving a lasting impact on the community and showcasing the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional facilities.

These pivotal years marked a period of significant growth, innovation, and success for Tuttle Construction. Join us as we continue to explore the company’s journey in our next blog post, where we will highlight the subsequent chapter of Tuttle Construction’s legacy from 2003 to the present day.

Old Tuttle Headquarters

1998: Lima YMCA

Nate Neuenschwander

Construction Site Photo from March 11, 1994

Construction Site from 1997

Construction Photo from 1999

A Tuttle Jobsite Trailer from 1997

Paul Crow

Dublin Public Recreation Center

OSU/LTC Sciences Building